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Pure lippitt Morgan

The Lippitt is a distinct horse in that it has no recent out-crosses to other breeds, resulting in the highest percentage of the original blood available today. Therefore, Lippitts also possess more of the original type and qualities of their founder, Figure, otherwise known as Justin Morgan. They are celebrated for their versatility, willingness to please, disposition, type, and overall beauty that attracted Phillips, Knight and many of us as owners and breeders
The Lippitt Foundation Stock
The Foundation Stock were chosen by three criteria:
1 - They must be registered Morgans.
2 - They must have as close a cross to our 'cornerstone' Peters' Ethan Allen 2nd 406 as possible.
3 - They must have produced at least one direct line of descent evidenced in our present 'Lippitt' population. Since, to be considered a Lippitt a horse must be totally derived from this Foundation Stock, criteria for their selection is crucial.