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Breeding for that special, superior animal without any genetic defects is a challenge that can be confronted through the principles of line-breeding and in-breeding. Lippitt Morgans have been bred for all the characteristics that were valued in the original Morgans. They have linebred for over 100 years using the oldest and highest percentage bloodlines as foundation stock. The result of this is a strain of Morgans pure enough to be considered highly prepotent. One major value of linebreeding is the possibility for a superior product in an outcross to another strain......Indeed, many of the most outstanding Morgans of the last fifty years have been the product of an outcross from the Lippitt line......The Lippitt's uniquely pure pedigree with its potential to lend vitality to outcrosses is high commendation."

3 time Champion lippitt Stallion " Stillwater Indigo is an example of the Old Type Morgan Lines with strong Nekomia Breeding.

Nekomia Breeding was know for " Great and Strong Character" and it's " Bold Aggressive Style"

Foaled on May 15, 1916, Ashbrook was a chestnut and stood 14.1 hands high. He was bred by A. Fullerton Phillips of Windsor, Vermont. Ashbrook was sired by Croydon Prince, by Ethan Allen 2nd 406, by Peter’s Morgan 405, by Peter’s Vermont 403, by Gifford Morgan, by Woodbury Morgan, by Justin Morgan.

Ashbrook’s dam was Nancy 03553, a chestnut bred by A. Fullerton Phillips. Nancy was by Ethan Allen 3rd 3987, by Ethan Allen 2nd 406, by Peter’s Morgan 405, by Peter’s Vermont 403, 2nd dam Dew of June 05258, by Pete Morgan, by Peter’s Morgan 405.

Mr. Phillips described Ashbrook as being the nearest in type to the ancient Gifford and/or Woodbury Morgan that he had ever seen. And he had never seen Ashbrook’s equal in exuberance of spirit. He also said that an artist could not paint a more perfect picture of a horse. He was the ideal the Mr. Phillips had strived for. He said that Ashbrook possessed every ideal point of perfection of a Morgan Horse



Ethan Allen II and this line is considered the "purest" of the four lines, with the most lines tracing back to Figure and no outcrosses to other breeds in the 20th or 21st centuries

Meredith Bilirubin was the Foundation  Sire of Okan Morgans/ Meredith Bilirubin  was the son of the fabulious Stillwater Indigo.  Athletic, friendly, ranch raised Morgans
Sire and Dam of Pure Nuggeteers Standard.