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For Sale " Foundation Morgan colt  " 3 Years old.

Delagard Ronald Anthony " Anthony as we call him is 100 % Foundation " His Sire Pure Nuggeteers Standard is full lippitt his Dam is 100% Foundation working western bred Morgan . " Duplicate Liberty" 


Anthony also has a full brother who will be a  yearling in July 2017 who is also for sale. Arthur is a beautiful brown Chestnut colt. 


Anthony received  a little bit of training as a 2 year old colt, in the summer of 2016.   Anthony will be gelded only if and when he is purchased at the new families request, until then. Anthony is staying a Stud. I want to see him grow and develop while he is here with us , and his personality is such that we are able to do that. Anthony is a love bug. I feel Anthony would make someone a great " Future Stud" his personality and his bloodlines as well as his wonderful conformation leads me to feel he can only add to someones gene pool and breeding goals. 

Our horses are use to us, we walk among them every day, during feeding time and just for visits. They all learn to tie, walk and be nice horses. Age appropriate they are trained for saddle , never before the age of 3. 

 I have sent horses out for training in the past, and have purchased trained horses. I have found they come back either changed or our other horses take forever to accept them back. We much prefer while horses are here with us, to move them along slowly , so when we finally do decide to saddle them, they are looking at us like " What took  you so long"

Anthony is a love bug, and the fear of sending him out to be professionally trained at this young age, he just might change , and I do not want to destroy this beautiful personality . He does not have a mean bone in his body and I want that to remain the case. The perfect family for Anthony would be someone who wants a one on one relationship with their Stallion and want to train them themselves . That bonding process.  This way he will be willing and ready to learn things " Your way" 

Anyone who is interested in Anthony and his progress please contact me , special consideration will be given to the perfect home, someone who will love him as we do and have nothing but his best interest in your hearts.

Fee for Anthony at present is 4000.    Anthony is registered with the Canadian Morgan Horse Association click on his link for his bloodlines " Beautiful pedigree" Will make a great horse for anyone he is soooooo willing and loves to learn. 

Anthony at November 2017 has turned into still a beautiful growing colt. Measuring in at just close to 15 hands. . His Dam Duplicate Liberty is 15.3  I am looking forward to seeing him grow over the winter.into his fourth year. Anthony turns 4 in the spring of 2018. He is and will always never disappoint us in his love and kindness and his forever eagerness to please.

Both colts are Registered with the Canadian Morgan Horse association . Arthur is a year and a half below. Jan, 2018. Price 3000.