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First of the many photos I have to choose of Liberty, this is one of my favoites, othes you will  see as I update my site. I love her eyes, and I love her as a Mother. In this photo she has just given birth to " Copper Lea Mist" Our first foal ever. " Born by choice outside in the rain.

Liberty was my first Foundation Morgan, and when she came off the trailor , she surprized me. I knew she looked nothing like what I had expected. I knew I had my work cut out for me , to study to learn " What choice did I have" I fell in love with this girl, the moment she looked into my eyes.

Liberty was my introuduction to the Working Western Morgan, bred for their hard work ethics as all Morgans are, but bred for the Ranch work, and Ranch life. Liberty spent the 1st 7 years of her life on the range in Western Canada where she lived outside always. She still does, she was not made to stand in a stall all day. Her Morgan tuff feet got that way from her natural breeding, the Morgan blood and her Natural life.