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Copper Lea Mist " Western Working Lines. 100% Foundation Morgan 5 year old Stud.

Copper was our first born, the name copper was because he looked just like one of our Shih Tzu Sebrina who is a beautiful copper red and the name Mist was because even though his Mom Liberty could have had him indoors, she chose to have him outside in the rain, this in itself says something of what horses really want. They do not need or care to be locked up in stalls.

Copper at 3 weeks

Copper at 3 days.
Coppers Future Breeding . Outside mares yes, he has a wonderful dispostion beautiful W.W Lines and a  nice conformation. But our main goal is to have 2 half  lippitt mares out of his Mom Liberty and his sister Winnie  from our Full Lippitt Stallion Stanely, breeding back in his Working Western roots with a dash of Lippit for type,  and they will be Coppers family and his future breeding mares. They will not be for sale. Any colts born out of our Foundation girls will be for sale.
 Summer 2012 our smiling boy!!!! 2 years old
Copper Winter 2013 , 2 and a half years.

Copper Lea Mist 2015