Where the Heritage and legacy  of Justin Morgan lives on.
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One Hundred Acres Under The Stars



Still Water Indigo, Lippitt Miss Nekomia, Royalton Ashbrook Darling. Duplicate Liberty, Pine Ethan Walker GoldField, Shawalla Man Will Rogers, Kate Smith and other wonderful working lines like Correll King.

We are located in Beautiful New Brunswick Canada close to the Maine U.SA boarder. We chose the name 100 Acres under the stars farm, because where we sit on our porch at night we are surrounded by nothing but woods. The 100 Acres of our farm and the many 100's of Acres that surround our secluded little bit of heaven. At night sitting on the step looking up " The stars just fill the sky." Its a site to behold and forever be thankful for our opportunity late in life to " Live our dreams.

The Livestock Conservatory list the Morgan Horse as critical!!!!  https://livestockconservancy.org/index.php/heritage/internal/morgan



In 1791 Justin Morgan, a singing school master in Randolph, walked home from Springfield, Ma. with a bay 2 year old colt taken for payment of a debt owed to him. That colt he called Figure, who became a legend for his ability to outwork, outrun, outtrot, and outwalk any horse in the area. Over the course of his 30 years that he lived in Vermont, countless sons and daughters were produced in his image.

For Justin Morgan's horse, now better known by his master's name, was one of the greatest breeding stallions of all time. He is the only one to establish a breed by himself. The popularity of the Morgan breed spread across this nation. Outstanding horses can be found in every generation that was added to his lineage: Black Hawk, for his symmetry and perfection at the trot, Ethan Allen, a champion trotter of the world, renowned in the Racing Hall of Fame and familiar from Currier and Ives prints, and Green Mountain Morgan, winner of premiums and championships as a blood stallion as far away as Kentucky, Ohio, and Michiga

n. The Morgan horse earned his keep as a general purpose frontier horse, in teams hauling freight or passengers, trotting races, pulling doctor's buggies, delivering mail, drawing carriages of presidents and financiers, and even being cavalry horses.

Our Lead Stallion " Pure Lippitt" Pure Nuggeteers Standard   :http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/pure+nuggeteers+standard

Pure Nuggeteers Standard is our Pure Lippitt Stallion who stands at Stud. Stanley as we call him is also are darling boy who is loved with all our hearts. He runs with our girls occasionally and is pasture bred to our mares with ease


Both top and bottom of Stanely’s pedigree provide him with an outstanding combination of athletic ability, endurance, keen mindedness and type. It is said that the heritage of Justin Morgan is that his descendants should walk the earth proudly, serve man willingly, work vigorously, move gracefully and posses a kindly, eager spirit, dauntless courage, a distinguished way of going and an easily recognizable beauty of conformation. “Pure Nuggeteers Standard