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Our Future!!!



This is probably one of the most rewarding parts of doing what we do. Choosing a Mare and choosing her Stallion and then seeing the offspring of that choice. We could not be more delighted with this young colt. Here Ronnie is 3 days old.


The name I have chosen is in memory of my Dad " Ron James Delagard" a Korean war Vet who was also one of the best Dads a girl could have.



Another new addition is this wonderful filly that we were fortunate enough to have Rene and Aura Pombert allow us to own. We have bought this future Girl Friend for our Copper Lea Mist not only to add color, but to add similar and different all at the same time to our already great Western Working Morgans.




"Here is a link to Rene and Aura's site if your looking for the perfect Working Morgan "Foundation Bred

Delagard Ron James


Our little Ronnie is no longer a little boy, he made it through one of the worse winters of New Brunswick Canada and that just shows how strong a Real Morgan is. Our beautiful boy here is 7 months old, this is still spring and he is still woolly. Spring 2014 April



This handsome boy, born on Easter Monday is Full Foundation 

named after my only brother " Ronald Anthony Delagard"

Anthony 5 days old, Sire Pure Nuggeteers Standard Pure Lippitt Stallion and Duplicate Liberty Full Foundation Working Western Morgan. All lines on his pedigree trace back to Justin Morgan!!!!!



Our little girl has arrived, little Ruthie as we call her after my Mom is no little girl , I was sure because of her size I had another boy, so not only were we excited because we got our girl, but also her color. She looks like she will be black only time will tell. She is as typy as her father Pure Nuggeteers Standard . Stanley her sire was born a bay, but to us he is Black Bay. Her Mom A-One Queen Winnifred has her work cut out for her keeping up with this little wonder.


She will be retained and will be Future Lady Friend for " Copper Lea Mist"